Albert Adria and WagyuMafia - Beloved Street Food

Albert Adria and Hisato Hamada

Albert Adria and Hisato Hamada

New Lotus client and global sensation WAGYUMAFIA are happy to announce THE TICKETS TO OUR BELOVED STREET FOOD, a set of collaborative dinners with legendary chef Albert Adria.

This special event follows the success of WAGYUMAFIA’s International World Tour, which saw the brand visit more than 60 cities in less than two years. Through hosted pop-ups in major food capitals, the brand has fostered exchanges with both diners and chefs from around the globe, inspiring new wagyu experiences and expanding awareness about the important process behind their wagyu.

In September, Adria of TICKETS, Barcelona and chef / founder Hisato Hamada of WAGYUMAFIA come together over a shared love for street food to dream up an unforgettable 12-course menu where each dish evokes personal memories drawing from experiences in the vibrant cities of Barcelona, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

As this will be Adria’s first collaboration in Asia, the acclaimed chef is looking forward to visiting the two cities and working with WAGYUMAFIA’s signature product.

"Wagyu is one of the most selective and differential products that exist and proof of that is that it has conquered the world and now is a name everybody knows,” says Adria. “We are very excited to visit Hisato in Japan, he is a person that knows what he wants and is very direct in his cooking, that is how I like to think of my cooking as well. We will get along greatly in the kitchen.’

The events will be on September 15th and 16th in Tokyo at WM by WAGYUMAFIA and 19th in Hong Kong at WAGYUMAFIA Hong Kong.

Please note the WAGYUMAFIA Hong Kong session is now sold out. For reservations at WM by WAGYUMAFIA in Tokyo, please use the following links:

・Sun, September 15 - 18:00-20:00

・Sun, September 15 - 20:30-22:30

・Mon, September 16 - 18:00-20:00 (sold out)

・Mon, September 16 - 20:30-22:30

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