Gazelle opens its doors at 48 Albemarle Street, Mayfair on 9th July

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Internationally acclaimed chef Rob Roy Cameron and drinks specialist Tony Conigliaro are set to open the doors to Gazelle on Monday 9th July.

Located in a characterful Edwardian building in the heart of Mayfair, Gazelle will be a stylish dining and cocktail destination. Both Tony and Rob have set out to create menus that play with convention, reworking ingredients to break down the barrier between bar and restaurant.

Accessed by a private lift, the venue is spread across two storeys, with the first floor restaurant seating 48 guests. The space is flooded with natural light during the day for lunch, transforming into an intimately lit, vibrant dining room in the evening. In addition, guests can access the dramatic cocktail bar on the second floor via a bespoke spiral staircase, forming a colourful design feature between floors.

Tony says “I love Mayfair and wanted to offer something that would sit comfortably alongside what’s already on offer here. When we were given the opportunity to take over both floors, I really wanted to install the lift and give out guests that feeling of a private members club away from street level, without it actually being one. Am so happy we managed to fit one in!”

Tony Conigliaro is the name behind some of London’s best bars, having successfully founded Bar Termini, 69 Colebrooke Row and Untitled. Tony has spent many months with his team at The Drinks Factory, fine-tuning the bar and wine lists at Gazelle with a focus on champagnes. A core menu of carefully curated cocktails will include six of Tony’s signature drinks such as the Red Amber and the Coral Fizz, six bespoke Gazelle variations on classics and six champagne cocktails. A selection of cold brewed teas, natural juices and non-alcoholic drinks will also be on offer.

 Rob Roy Cameron and Tony Conigliaro at Gazelle

Rob Roy Cameron and Tony Conigliaro at Gazelle

Chef Rob Roy Cameron also has an impressive track record, having worked under Ferran and Albert Adria at the ground breaking El Bulli in Roses, before opening 41 Degrees in Barcelona as Head Chef and onto Hoja Santa two years later, winning a Michelin star just a year after opening.

Gazelle’s menu will be a creative and exciting approach to modern European cuisine and will include dishes such as Halibut and Elderflower and Monkfish and Burnt seeds. With a mixture of sharing plates and snacks, the menu is designed to put the guest in control of how they dine, allowing them to create a menu based on their appetite and preferences.

Rob explains, “The food at Gazelle will be a change from the current offering in Mayfair. We’ve broken away from the 2/3 course or tasting menu format and just left it open for everyone to choose themselves. We want to create a space where guests can enjoy a unique dining and drinking experience with a kitchen that is not limited by genre.”

Interior designer Shaun Clarkson has created a décor that respects the historic architecture while breathing new life into it. Shaun and Tony have worked together for many years, and the interior reflects a love of bold colour and texture, which they both share. The Gazelle palette reflects the transition from day to night, with exposed brick walls, deep pinks and golds on the first floor, morphing into rich blues and blacks as you venture upstairs.

Gazelle is open Monday to Saturday for lunch from 12.00-2.30pm, and for dinner from 6.00-10.00. Cocktails and small plates are served throughout the afternoon. Reservations are now open at


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Notes to the editor

About Tony Conigliaro Supplementing his life as a young artist, Tony Conigliaro worked in bars. Interestingly he was drawn to those located in or associated with restaurants. Soon he was playing with the flavour, colour and presentation of the drinks in relation to the taste, aromas and cooking techniques of the cuisine. Tony soon became a pioneer in the drinks industry. Having founded The Drink Factory in 2004, Tony opened 69 Colebrooke Row in Islington in 2009 and the award winning bars at both Zetter Townhouses in 2011, before going on to open Soho’s Bar Termini in 2015. Drawing on these experiences, Tony and Rob joined forces in 2017 to open Untitled Bar in Kingsland, and now bring their combined talent to Mayfair for an entirely new venture. A flavour expert Tony has achieved international acclaim for his approach to distillations, aromas and flavours of cocktails. Most recently he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award in the Class Bar Awards 2018.

About Rob Roy Cameron Born in Botswana, chef Rob Roy Cameron has travelled extensively and began his culinary career as a pastry chef, working under Ferran and Albert Adrià at Catalonia’s famous El Bulli. His career with the brothers continued with the opening of 41 Degrees in Barcelona, as Head Chef of the opening team aged just 26. After two years, he went on to head up Hoja Santa, which won a Michelin star a year after opening. Now in London he has worked alongside Tony Conigliaro at Untitled and Bar Termini and will be the Head Chef at this latest venture, Gazelle.

About Albemarle Street Directly adjacent and parallel to Bond Street, Albemarle Street brings together luxury retailers, world-renowned fashion designers, eateries and notable art galleries in the heart of Mayfair.

Albemarle Street has transformed from a sleepy side street into one of London’s leading luxury lifestyle destinations, drawing both a well-heeled local and international crowd.

Trophaeum has been responsible for the streets’ recent transformation, carefully curating the right brands, galleries and dining spots to attract visitors from day to night.

St. Petersburg Gourmet Days 2018, 5th- 9th of June

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Following the huge success of last year’s inaugural St. Petersburg Gourmet Days, the international culinary extravaganza returns this June with an even bigger and better itinerary.

St. Petersburg Gourmet Days 2018 will take place from 5th- 9th of June, attracting local, national and international visitors to enjoy a true flavour of what this unique city has to offer.

This year the festival will focus on showcasing the city’s vibrant gastronomic scene, celebrating St Petersburg’s unique cultural and culinary heritage. With the rise of a new band of Russian chefs, - who draw on local resources and produce like never before, St Petersburg has become the epicenter of a highly creative, Russian ingredient led, food movement.

Chef Dmitry Blinov of Tartar Bar and Duo Gastrobar, who will be this year’s festival’s ambassador, comments: “I’m very excited to welcome chefs of such a high caliber to my city from all across the world. There is a huge amount we can learn from each other and I think the festival will catapult chefs out of their comfort zone and encourage them to embrace their new surroundings and some produce they may never have seen before.” This year, nine international chefs from across Asia, Europe, South America and the USA will visit St Petersburg to explore the city and bring flavours from their own kitchens to top local restaurants, making it a truly global affair.

The 2018 line up will include (in no particular order): James Lowe (Lyle’s, London, UK), Anthony Genovese (Il Pagliaccio, Rome, Italy), Alejandro Peyrou (Alex Atala’s Açougue Central, Sao Paolo, Brazil), Pablo Salas (Amaranta, Toluca de Lerdo, Mexico), Ayo Adeyemi (Tippling Club, Singapore), Garima Arora (Gaa, Bangkok, Thailand), Maksut Askar (Neolokal, Istanbul, Turkey), Will Horowitz (Ducks Eateries, New York, USA), Nino Redruello (Fismuler, Madrid, Spain).

The visiting chefs will combine their expertise with local ingredients to create a series of one-off dinners, showcasing Russia’s world-class produce in new and creative ways. The exclusive dinners will be hosted in the restaurants of some of St Petersburg’s rising stars, challenging visiting chefs to adapt their menus utilising local produce. This year’s participating chefs and restaurants are: Dmitry Blinov (TartTarBar), Ilya Burnasov (Atelier Tapas Bar), Dmitry Bogachev (Mr Bo, Mansarda), Evgeny Vikentev (Hamlet + Jack), Alexey Kanevskiy (Smoke BBQ), Igor Zorin (The Repa, Terassa), Roman Palkin (Beef Zavod).

As well as the nine exclusive dinners taking place during the festival, there will be a series of talks and discussion panels, as well as three late night after-parties

Coinciding with St Petersburg’s natural “White Nights” annual event, Gourmet Days 2018 guarantees there will no better time to experience this beautiful historic city while indulging in a contemporary true taste of Russia.

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Gourmet Days Schedule

5th June 19:30 Welcome dinner at GooseGoose Restaurant with: Dmitry Blinov (TarTarBar), Ilya Burnasov (Atelier Tapas Bar), Igor Zorin (The Repa, Terrassa), Dmitry Bogachev (Mr.Bo, Mansarda), Alexey Kanevsky (Smoke BBQ), Eugene Vikentiev (Hamlet & Jacks ), Roman Palkin (BeefZavod).

6th June - Dinners 19:30 Dmitry Blinov (TarTarBar) + Ayo Adeyemi (Tippling Club, Singapore) 19:30 Ilya Burnasov (Atelier Tapas Bar) + Pablo Salas (Amaranta, Toluca de Lerdo, Mexico) 19:30 Igor Zorin (Terrassa) + Nino Redruello (Fismuler, Madrid, Spain)

7th June 11:00 Open talk at Swissam business school, dedicated to restaurant culture and modern cuisine of St. Petersburg Dinners 19:30 Dmitry Bogachev (Mr.Bo) + Garima Arora (Gaa, Bangkok, Thailand) 19:30 Alexey Kanevsky (Smoke BBQ) + Will Horowitz (Ducks Eateries, New York, USA) 19:30 Igor Zorin (The Repа) + James Lowe (Lyle's, London, Great Britain) 22:30 After-party in Wine Warehouse

8th June - Dinners 19:30 Yevgeny Vikentiev (Hamlet+Jacks) + Maksut Askar (Neolokal, Istanbul, Turkey) 19:30 Roman Palkin (BeefZavod) + Alejandro Peyrou (Açougue Central, Brazil) 19:30 Dmitry Bogachev (Mansarda) + Anthony Genovese (IL Pagliaccio, Rome, Italy) 22:30 Closing of the festival at the Swissam business school

For further media information contact Ivan Crispo at Lotus on +44 20 7751 5812


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